Cape Cod Award Winning Painter

Juried Artist

A juried artist is invited by their peers to exhibit some of their work. Not only have I been in juried shows but have won an award in one of them.

Commission Painter

Karan Scata has painted many commissioned artworks over the years, from family pets, to that special location, to murals in restaurants and homes. Karan Scata enjoys the challenge …

Abstract Painter

Karen Scata is not limited in her style of painting. She enjoys painting landscapes, the sea, pets, etc. but she also enjoys painting abstracts.

Seascapes Painter

As a resident of Hawaii for many years and now a resident of Cape Cod, Ma, Karen Scata has an unbelievable wealth of seascape painting experience in acrylic and watercolor…

Paintings of Cape Cod Scenes

As a resident of Cape Cod Karen Scata has a tremendous natural beauty right outside her door. Feel free to check out some of her Cape Cod scenes. But if you have a special spot on Cape Cod, Karen will be glad to paint that for you. As a matter of fact she has done…

Acrylic Painter

Karen Scata paints using watercolors or acrylic paints. She becomes an acrylic painter for a number of reasons. If she wants to make a painting more vibrant and colorful than she uses acrylic paints. It also doesn’t fade like watercolors…

Watercolor Painter

Many of Karen’s works are in watercolor. It allows for a more subdued color palette. Special care does need to be taken to minimize the fading that eventually happens with watercolors.

Mural Painter

Karen specializes in painting murals and has been commissioned by impressive customers throughout the world. Her paintings and murals are based on scenes from her extensive travels throughout Europe, America, Australia and the South Pacific.  …


Pop art style of ocean residents.